In 1999 my husband and I surrendered to full-time ministry and felt God’s leading to minister to the people in Mexico.

In 2002 my husband graduated from Southeastern Baptist College, and in 2003 we moved our family to Mexico.

At the time, my oldest son was in 2nd grade, my middle son was 4 years old, and my youngest son was 1.  I will never forget the day (Mother’s Day 2003) that we packed up the Penske truck and headed south!

We had been on several mission trips to Mexico, so we were somewhat adjusted to the culture.  But over the next few years, God stretched us and blessed us in ways that can’t be imagined!

One day I hope to sit down and “re-submit” some of our adventures from the field!  Believe me, there were many!

While in Mexico, God showed us that our “gift” and our “passion” was to work with groups on the mission field.  We were able to show people that while they came to Mexico to bless those there, in fact they were the ones that were blessed.  We wanted our participants to come back to American on fire for missions-and that’s what happened!

In 2005 I got sick with typhoid fever.  I was sick from July to September.  There was one point that I truly thought I was going to die.  On top of the typhoid, I had parasites and was having trouble keeping anything in my system.

We made the decision to come back to NC so that I could recuperate.  Our intention was to return to Mexico within a year.  However, God had other plans!

In 2006 we had the privilege of going to Gulfport MS to help set up and run a base and host short-term mission teams coming to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  This was such a great experience!  God truly blessed our family for those 3 months! Through this 3 month journey God confirmed that our ministry was not just confined to Mexico, but we could help lead and facilitate short-term mission teams all over the world.

We continue to lead trips throughout the US and Mexico over the next few years.  In July 2009, God opened yet another door for us to walk through.  The economy had taken a downturn and people couldn’t afford to take trips to Costa Rica, Mexico, or other places.  What God was telling us is that we each live in our own mission field!  “URMissions” was born!  Our goal is to work with churches and individuals to setup and facilitate mission trips.  We go to them and help them facilitate a trip in their own “backyard”!

In the process, God has allowed us to partner with various ministries in S. Texas (working on the border of the US and Mexico) and Haiti.

Trips that we have throughout the year:

– several trips a year (summer, November, and December) to S. Texas

-spring-Atlanta, GA



If you or anyone you know is interested in setting up or needs help in planning/facilitating a short-term mission trip, please let us know.



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