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Welcome to My Blog

18 Feb

I have been wanting to do this for some time now, but I have never quite gotten around to it.  However, with my newfound love on Pinterest, I have been inspired to start my blog and share what we do on our Homeschool Adventure.

This time of year is always a difficult time around here in the Harrell household.  I guess you could say it is somewhat like the “winter blues.”  I find myself lost in clutter, wondering if I’ve covered everything that I wanted to cover, and then with our ministry we start getting ready for our spring and summer mission trips.

What God has taught me the past couple of weeks is that my children are learning-I may not get everything checked off the “scope and sequence,” but I am learning to cut myself a little slack.  Here is what my boys have been working on since the New Year in addition to their “book studies”:

-Planting some herbs-they are sitting on our kitchen window sill.  We plan to move them outside when it gets warmer

-Watching their bean sprout roots in a plastic bag

-Taking meals to the elderly and shut-ins through Meals on Wheels once a month

-Visiting there Grandma and spending a few days with her (she lives 5 hours away)

-My 2 oldest boys have been busy studying in their Civil Air Patrol, and have ranked up twice.  They have been learning about leadership skills, drills, team work, and aerospace!

-Worked on our timeline for WW1 and are now moving into WW2

-My youngest son made a salt dough map of Europe before WW2

There are many more things that we have done, these are just a few.

My goals as we look to finish our year out are to continue to work on organization and lesson planning.  It is good to have a plan.  I have incorporated the workbox system, and it works well.

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