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On December 31, 2013 as I was getting ready for bed, all I wanted to do was sit and cry.  You see I was tired of making New Year’s resolutions that never seemed to work.  I would make it a couple of days and then my resolve would end and I would end up right where I started.

But, as I began to cry out to God begging Him to take this food addiction away from me, He gave me one word: BREAKTHROUGH!

I got up on January 1st and I immediately started making some changes!  I gave up diet soda!  I cut out processed foods and sugar!  I started looking into the Daniel Fast, which was a great fast that concentrated on the food that Daniel ate during his fast.

Once I completed the 21 day fast, I simply kept eating “clean.”  I did not return to diet sodas, processed foods, or sugar.

However, in July 2015 I started experiencing chronic fatigue!  I was so exhausted-even after sleeping for 8-9 hours at night!  My joints also started aching, and it was hard for me to walk.  I can’t really explain what was going on-except I felt like I was in a fog!  I decided to go to the doctor to see if there was some sort of food allergy.

Prior to my appointment I had started looking into food allergies and elimination diets.  I stumbled upon the Whole 30.  I started reading “It Starts With Food”, and it made so much sense!  After my appointment, and a 2 week elimination diet it was discovered that there was indeed some sort of food sensitivity.  Something was causing inflammation.

I would love to tell you that I quit eating all of those foods that were causing my discomfort, but I did not!  It was not until October of 2016 that I completed my first Whole 30!  It was the best that I have ever felt!

Well, I am happy to report that I have lost 55 pounds! I started my second Whole 30 today, and I hope to continue this for 120 days!  I am praying that it will help slay that “sugar dragon!”

What do I hope to gain from this new lifestyle?  Glad you asked!  I want to be around to see my 3 boys get married!  I want to be a grandmother one day!  I want to live a long and healthy life with my best friend!

I have also committed to going to the YMCA at least 3 times a week. I was hired by the YMCA to be an instructor, but most weeksI also swim or run!  I set this time aside for myself before I start my school day.  My favorite classes are: spinning and Zumba! I have also developed a love for swimming and running!  I have completed two 1/2 marathons, and I plan to eventually run a full marathon!

If you are having any concerns that you may have some sort of food allergies or sensitivities, I highly recommend you take a look at the Whole 30!  Please see my blog post on my current Whole 30 for more information on where to start!





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