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Whole 30 Round 2

27 Dec



December 26th-Whole 30 Round 2

I completed my first round of Whole 30 on October 21st of this year.  Life was going good!  I felt so much better!  The joint pain and brain fog had disappeared.  I would like to say that I stayed the course, but I didn’t.  I slowly added things back into my diet that I knew was not good for me!

So, today I decided I must start Round 2!  I am going for 120 days!

Today has not been that bad.  It has been a good day.  After teaching two classes at the YMCA I was able to eat a compliant meal of grilled chicken, steamed veggies, and some macadamia nuts.

For dinner we had a delicious roasted Prime rib, salad, grilled asparagus, broiled pineapple, and a small baked potato!

I am praying that the Day 2 detox does not hit me like it did on my last round!

Why am I doing another round? It’s simple.  As I was sitting in church yesterday, I realized how much pain I was in-I literally struggled to get up and down the stairs!  I felt like I was in a fog-so groggy!  I feel bloated and swollen.  My fingers are swollen.  I literally can not express the discomfort that I was feeling.

I am going to kick this “sugar dragon” with God’s help!  I must do this-my health depends on it!

3 Dec
Our "Advent Calendar" activity stockings!

Our “Advent Calendar” activity stockings!

Our 25 Days of Advent Stockings

Our 25 Days of Advent Stockings


It’s CHRISTmas time!

3 Dec

WOW! It’s been a long time since my last post!  It’s been kind of crazy around here!  Two trips to Haiti, S. Texas, and I’ve added a friend’s 5th grade son to our school this year.  Plus, I started working part-time outside the home!

We love Christmas here in the Harrell household!  So many great projects and crafts!  I have never been a very crafty person, but we are giving it a go this year 🙂

But, of course, the most important thing about this time of year is celebrating our Lord and Savior’s birth!  There are so many great Live Nativity’s at local churches, Christmas carols, and much, much more!

Today marks the first of our CHRISTmas crafts for the season.

We made a Christmas tree ornament out of popsicle sticks and a candy cane ornament with Baby Jesus resting in the “nook” of the candy cane!  I’m using mine as a bookmark-the boys are using theirs as an ornament!

I also am very proud to say that we have started our Advent Calendar of activities.  I will post pictures of the project and will update it later!

In Him


Let’s Learn Some Math Facts

24 Feb

Yay!  It’s Friday!  As I sit here on Friday afternoon, we are dodging severe thunderstorms along the Eastern coast of NC!  It has been a great day to observe and talk about weather! Earlier this morning we had the opportunity to play a game that we put together a few weeks ago.  I think I saw it on Michael’s website-I’m not sure. But, anyway it’s a neat way to practice math facts. What you need:

Foam board

Colorful Duck Tape (2 different colors)

Some dry beans

Take the foam board and put a piece of duck tape down the middle going lengthwise.  Then evenly place 4 strips of duck tape vertically.  Write the numbers 1-10 (one number in each block). Make bean bags (wrap duck tape around some dried beans. Write the numbers 1-10 on each bean bag, alternating so that you have 1 number on each side.

Have your child toss the bean onto the board.  Whatever number it lands on they must either multiply or add the two numbers together.

Fun and easy way to practice math facts.

So, what does Pinterest have for us today?

21 Feb

This has proved to be an exciting week so far here at the Harrell household.  First, let me start by saying up front-I am not a cook!  I have been blessed with a wonderful husband who actually enjoys cooking!  I was the youngest of 3 girls in my family, and I must admit (however much I don’t like to) that I was quite spoiled.  My oldest sister always “took over” this job at home helping my mom.

So, needless to say I never “had” to cook.  In fact, it really stresses me out!  So, the Lord blessed me with a husband whose mom relied on him to help her cook the meals when he got home from school.

Now, to get to how this relates to the here and now.  I have recently been introduced to the wonderful site of Pinterest!  I have found so many neat and interesting projects that even the people who are not crafty and not chefs can fix.

Sunday for lunch I fixed the most delicious Garlic Lemon Chicken with some delicious sides.  But, then I realized I didn’t have any rolls or bread.  So, I thought to myself “What would the folks on Pinterest do?”  So, I pulled down the flour, threw together some ingredients, and to my wonderful amazement (and that of my husband and 3 boys) I had made the most delicious homemade biscuits!  Of course, I had to call my mom, my sisters, my mother-in-law, and anyone else that would listen.  My husband was soooo proud of me and told me what a great job I had done!

Now comes Monday.  My husband wanted to grill steaks.  It was one of those treasured days when soccer practice was cancelled and we didn’t have swim team practice, and we were going to enjoy a great sit down meal.  I had seen a recipe for flour tortillas on Pinterest that I really wanted to try.  After my amazing success with the biscuits I thought “why not?”

So, I got the ingredients, rolled up the dough, let it sit for an hour, made my little balls, rolled them out with the pin (with the help of my husband and middle son) cooked them in the pan, and get ready for this: they were AMAZING!

We lived in Mexico for 3 years, and we have worked in Mexico for the past 12 years.  Homemade flour tortillas were the one thing that you ate at every meal!  I had one of our church members try to help me one time while we were living there, but it was a disaster!  But, I am here to tell you that they tasted just like the ones we had there!

You know they are a success when your youngest son (who by the way is a very picky eater) comes in, grabs one and then you see him go back and forth to the kitchen.  When I went in to clean up after dinner-they were almost all gone!  Now, Aaron (who is 10) only eats flour tortillas when we have Mexican.  He doesn’t like hard shells.  He will grab a tortilla out of the fridge and slap on some cheese, heat it in the microwave, and those as a snack.  So, it passed the test of my “tortilla connoisseur” so I consider it a great success!

So there you have it folks!  Now, this is funny-as I was sitting here typing this, my dear husband walks by and says “So, what does Pinterest have for us today?”

Until next time Yaw!

Kimberly 🙂

PS Pics will come later this week on my creations (you all know I had to get proof of this)


Welcome to My Blog

18 Feb

I have been wanting to do this for some time now, but I have never quite gotten around to it.  However, with my newfound love on Pinterest, I have been inspired to start my blog and share what we do on our Homeschool Adventure.

This time of year is always a difficult time around here in the Harrell household.  I guess you could say it is somewhat like the “winter blues.”  I find myself lost in clutter, wondering if I’ve covered everything that I wanted to cover, and then with our ministry we start getting ready for our spring and summer mission trips.

What God has taught me the past couple of weeks is that my children are learning-I may not get everything checked off the “scope and sequence,” but I am learning to cut myself a little slack.  Here is what my boys have been working on since the New Year in addition to their “book studies”:

-Planting some herbs-they are sitting on our kitchen window sill.  We plan to move them outside when it gets warmer

-Watching their bean sprout roots in a plastic bag

-Taking meals to the elderly and shut-ins through Meals on Wheels once a month

-Visiting there Grandma and spending a few days with her (she lives 5 hours away)

-My 2 oldest boys have been busy studying in their Civil Air Patrol, and have ranked up twice.  They have been learning about leadership skills, drills, team work, and aerospace!

-Worked on our timeline for WW1 and are now moving into WW2

-My youngest son made a salt dough map of Europe before WW2

There are many more things that we have done, these are just a few.

My goals as we look to finish our year out are to continue to work on organization and lesson planning.  It is good to have a plan.  I have incorporated the workbox system, and it works well.

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