Whole 30 Round 2

27 Dec



December 26th-Whole 30 Round 2

I completed my first round of Whole 30 on October 21st of this year.  Life was going good!  I felt so much better!  The joint pain and brain fog had disappeared.  I would like to say that I stayed the course, but I didn’t.  I slowly added things back into my diet that I knew was not good for me!

So, today I decided I must start Round 2!  I am going for 120 days!

Today has not been that bad.  It has been a good day.  After teaching two classes at the YMCA I was able to eat a compliant meal of grilled chicken, steamed veggies, and some macadamia nuts.

For dinner we had a delicious roasted Prime rib, salad, grilled asparagus, broiled pineapple, and a small baked potato!

I am praying that the Day 2 detox does not hit me like it did on my last round!

Why am I doing another round? It’s simple.  As I was sitting in church yesterday, I realized how much pain I was in-I literally struggled to get up and down the stairs!  I felt like I was in a fog-so groggy!  I feel bloated and swollen.  My fingers are swollen.  I literally can not express the discomfort that I was feeling.

I am going to kick this “sugar dragon” with God’s help!  I must do this-my health depends on it!


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