Whole 30 Round 2

27 Dec



December 26th-Whole 30 Round 2

I completed my first round of Whole 30 on October 21st of this year.  Life was going good!  I felt so much better!  The joint pain and brain fog had disappeared.  I would like to say that I stayed the course, but I didn’t.  I slowly added things back into my diet that I knew was not good for me!

So, today I decided I must start Round 2!  I am going for 120 days!

Today has not been that bad.  It has been a good day.  After teaching two classes at the YMCA I was able to eat a compliant meal of grilled chicken, steamed veggies, and some macadamia nuts.

For dinner we had a delicious roasted Prime rib, salad, grilled asparagus, broiled pineapple, and a small baked potato!

I am praying that the Day 2 detox does not hit me like it did on my last round!

Why am I doing another round? It’s simple.  As I was sitting in church yesterday, I realized how much pain I was in-I literally struggled to get up and down the stairs!  I felt like I was in a fog-so groggy!  I feel bloated and swollen.  My fingers are swollen.  I literally can not express the discomfort that I was feeling.

I am going to kick this “sugar dragon” with God’s help!  I must do this-my health depends on it!

3 Dec
Our "Advent Calendar" activity stockings!

Our “Advent Calendar” activity stockings!

Our 25 Days of Advent Stockings

Our 25 Days of Advent Stockings


It’s CHRISTmas time!

3 Dec

WOW! It’s been a long time since my last post!  It’s been kind of crazy around here!  Two trips to Haiti, S. Texas, and I’ve added a friend’s 5th grade son to our school this year.  Plus, I started working part-time outside the home!

We love Christmas here in the Harrell household!  So many great projects and crafts!  I have never been a very crafty person, but we are giving it a go this year 🙂

But, of course, the most important thing about this time of year is celebrating our Lord and Savior’s birth!  There are so many great Live Nativity’s at local churches, Christmas carols, and much, much more!

Today marks the first of our CHRISTmas crafts for the season.

We made a Christmas tree ornament out of popsicle sticks and a candy cane ornament with Baby Jesus resting in the “nook” of the candy cane!  I’m using mine as a bookmark-the boys are using theirs as an ornament!

I also am very proud to say that we have started our Advent Calendar of activities.  I will post pictures of the project and will update it later!

In Him


What a Great Week…

25 Feb

This has been such a great week here in our homeschool this week.  We were able to get a lot accomplished in many different areas.

-History went well-started our timeline, made some WW2 crafts!

-Science-we have so many plants on my window sill-it looks like a nursery in there!

-Math-worked through an assignment each day.

-Grammar-worked on our writing and also parts of speech.

The one thing that I am still trying to get is planning!  I plan  to do this on Saturdays, but then the Saturdays slip by and Monday comes around and I have no plan.  So, I am praying that God will help me gain focus in that area!  I know that with our busy schedule, homeschool would go much, much better if I did that!

So, that being said I am dedicating today to getting some things organized and getting my  planning sheets in order!  What’s the saying, “you don’t know how you’re going to get there if you don’t know where you’re going?”  I’ll let you know how it goes!

On a side note, I will say that I have reflected on each of my boys this week.  I have been making it a point to find GOOD qualities in each of them throughout the week.  Oftentimes, boys get a bad rap 🙂 Boys will be boys!  But, I wanted to take time this week to focus on some of their amazing qualities.

I will start with Landon.  Landon is my oldest-he will be 17 in April.  He is such a sweet spirited child.  He has basically lived his entire life on the mission field.  We surrendered to full-time ministry when he was 4. He has been able to participate on more mission trips than any 16 year old I know.  This week I was very proud of Landon.  He chose to spend his winter break (he had no online classes) with his Grandma (my mom).  My stepdad passed away August of 2010, and in January she got laid off.  She was going through a difficult time.  Everytime I called her she would be sorting through papers, etc.  I guess Landon heard me in conversations with her and my husband about being worried about her.  He asked if he could go stay with his Grandma Alice.  Now, that may seem like no big deal-lots of grandchildren go see their grandparents, but my mom lives out in the middle of nowhere!  She has no internet, no cable tv, nothing!  So, for my almost 17 year old son to want to go and sacrifice his iPhone, iPod, Facebook, and television says a lot about his character!  And then to see his post on Facebook “I had a great time at my Grandma’s”  It makes this mama proud!

My middle son showed great sacrifice this week.  Thomas is 13, and he is our drama king!  I really think he should go into acting!  🙂 For Lent he has decided to “fast” from his video games.  We do limit the amount of time that he can play, but after his school work he does play his Wii.  But, this week he has decided that he wants to give those up during the season of Lent.  I am proud of him for his sacrifice!  He also decided to give up his one glass of soda that he gets per day.  Now, get this-he wants to put aside some money that he would normally spend on sodas and put it towards our Haiti trip!

Aaron is my baby! 🙂  He will be 11 on March 1st!  He is probably the most selfish out of the bunch.  He is a little spoiled (sorry-just being honest).  But, this week Aaron has really tried to focus on not being selfish.  He has tried to give more compliments to others, especially his brother!  I have also noticed this week that instead of pointing the finger at someone else, he has stopped to evaluate the situation to see if he played any part in the mishap!  That is a big accomplishment, and I am very proud of him!

I am going to make it a point to focus on something positive in each of my boys this coming week as well.  With all the bad rap that boys get-they need all the positive reinforcement we can give them.  I certainly don’t want them relying on “the world” to give it to them!

Have a Blessed Weekend!

Enjoy the wonderful weather!

But, most importantly, enjoy your children!

In Him,

Kimberly 🙂

Let’s Learn Some Math Facts

24 Feb

Yay!  It’s Friday!  As I sit here on Friday afternoon, we are dodging severe thunderstorms along the Eastern coast of NC!  It has been a great day to observe and talk about weather! Earlier this morning we had the opportunity to play a game that we put together a few weeks ago.  I think I saw it on Michael’s website-I’m not sure. But, anyway it’s a neat way to practice math facts. What you need:

Foam board

Colorful Duck Tape (2 different colors)

Some dry beans

Take the foam board and put a piece of duck tape down the middle going lengthwise.  Then evenly place 4 strips of duck tape vertically.  Write the numbers 1-10 (one number in each block). Make bean bags (wrap duck tape around some dried beans. Write the numbers 1-10 on each bean bag, alternating so that you have 1 number on each side.

Have your child toss the bean onto the board.  Whatever number it lands on they must either multiply or add the two numbers together.

Fun and easy way to practice math facts.

Timeline and Lapbook for WW2

23 Feb

Today we continued our study on WW2.  I found this amazing Unit Study to add to our studies.  We have been using Tapestry of Grace for 3 years, and I love it!  My oldest son is in Rhetoric, my middle son is in Dialectic, and my youngest son is in Upper Grammar.  I usually try to find something to add to the younger son’s work to make sure he is grasping all the concepts we cover.  He doesn’t like to read a lot, so this proves to be a challenge in TOG because it is literature driven.

However, we do a lot of read a louds and books on tape.  Luckily, we are in Y4, so a lot of his books can be found online.  They  have been interested in history this year because we have been discussing WW1 and WW2.

I came across a great product this week and decided to give it a try.  It is a product from Homeschool In The Woods-Time Travelers.  Here is the link to their website: History Through the Ages.  I printed off the timeline and the timeline figures and got that setup today.  A lot of what we did today was review (as we had already covered through Pearl Harbor in TOG), but I wanted to go back and get the timeline done.

I think the timeline is a great way for them to visualize when these events took place.  They can look at the timeline and see it!

I highly recommend this product!

We will also be doing additional projects over the next few weeks.  Here are just a few of those:

-Victory Garden

-Silly Putty

-Making Bombers

-Salt dough map of Europe


Be Blessed,
Kimberly 🙂


Thomas and Aaron holding their timeline

Timeline and Lapbook-all printables come on the DVD


Jesus is the Lamb of God…

23 Feb

As we start our season of Lent, it has really opened up some great discussions with our boys.  This is the first time we have celebrated the season of Lent as a family.  Our church doesn’t emphasize some of the traditions associated with Lent.  But, as I said yesterday, a former co-worker of mine sparked my interest in this several years ago.

So, we have decided as a family to observe these wonderful traditions. We start our morning with our normal devotions, but this time they are focused on the 40 days leading up to Easter.

Todays scripture comes from John 1:29-34.  John the Baptist sees Jesus coming and declares “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.”  John recognized Jesus as the Passover Lamb.  Do we recognize Him?

Throughout the day today we will focus on God giving us a clean start when we make mistakes, which we all will do!

How am I going to apply this for them? We will take our dry erase board and list some of the things we each struggle with.  Then, like magic, we will wipe those things away.  This is a reminder to us that Jesus wipes our sins away!

May God Bless You Today

Until Next Time…

Kimberly 🙂

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